How to improve SSL/TLS performance with kTLS offload

SSL_set_options(fd, SSL_OP_ENABLE_KTLS); 
# wget
# tar -xvzf openssl-3.0.0.tar.gz
# cd openssl-3.0.0
# ./Configure --prefix=/home/netlox/source/ssl --openssldir=/home/netlox/source/ssl enable-ktls '-Wl,-rpath,$(LIBRPATH)'
# make
# make install
# git clone
# cd iperf_ssl
# ./
# ./ /home/netlox/source/ssl
Server Mode
# src/iperf iperf --tls=v1.2 --ktls -s
Client Mode
# src/iperf --tls=v1.2 --ktls -c <ip> -t 60 -i 1
# ethtool -K <interface-name> tls-hw-tx-offload on
# ethtool -K <interface-name> tls-hw-rx-offload on
Kernel kTLS stats :
# cat /proc/net/tls_stat
Offloaded kTLS stats :
# ethtool -S <interface-name> | grep tls




Marketing and Communications @ Netlox

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Marketing and Communications @ Netlox

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